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    This is where you will find all of the best beginner-friendly sewing tutorials we can find on the internet. These sewing tutorials have been specifically selected to help anyone who has never sewn before create something to be proud of, or learn a skill that will help them create something more advanced.

    On this page you’ll find everything from simple fashion to easy fabric homewares. The stitching will be simple but the tutorials will be worth your time. This is the place to find some simple gifts to whip up in time for birthdays or Christmas even if you’ve never sewn before.

    With everything from video tutorials, diagrams and step-by-step instructions we hope you’ll find something here to help you improve your sewing more.

    Where is the best place to start as a beginner? A classic example is to sew something that you’ll want to use and be proud of but is easy and full of straight lines. One of the easiest to begin with is a basic pillowcase project. As one of the most recommended projects for beginners, it introduces basic sewing concepts such as straight stitching and hemming, while also allowing for creativity with fabric choice and design.

    The reusable shopping bag tutorial is another excellent starting point. I’ll help enhance your understanding of constructing and reinforcing handles, while only having to sewing straight lines.

    For those more interested in fashion, a great starter project is sewing an elastic-waist skirt. These tutorials provide an introduction to garment making, focusing on basic patterns and fitting techniques. Elasticated skirts are incredibly forgiving and easy to make a flattering shape.

    If creating a charming home is more your thing then we would recommend you begin with fun decorative simple projects like table runners and place mats. These projects often allow beginners to dabble with basic quilting or appliqué techniques that will come in handy for many more kinds of advanced sewing projects.

    Learning to sew should never feel intimidating. Therefore, each tutorial has been selected to help you build up your confidence while also enhancing sewing skills. The pleasure of crafting something with your own hands is uniquely satisfying, and this page aims to make that experience accessible to all abilities.