Citrus Slice Placemats – A Summer Set

Citrus Slice Placemats

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Brighten up your summer table with a zest of creativity! In this delightful tutorial on Citrus Slice Placemats, you’ll learn how to create quilted citrus slices using simple appliqué methods. Whether it’s a lemon, orange, or lime slice you fancy, these placemats are perfect for outdoor brunches, birthday lunches, or pool parties.

Starting with pattern-making, you’ll draw and cut your citrus slice pattern, adding seeds if you desire. Then, you’ll move on to quilting, where you’ll layer your citrus fabric with batting and quilt through all layers, mimicking the pulp of the citrus segments or channel quilting wavy lines.

The appliqué process is made easy with Sulky Perfect Appliqué Fusible Web, allowing you to fuse the white “pith” pattern and seeds onto the citrus fabric. You can stitch along the pith perimeter in the manner of your choice, creating a raw-edge appliqué look or satin stitch for different effects.

Finally, you’ll bind the placemat, and voila! Your citrus slice placemat is ready to grace your table. The tutorial even offers additional inspiration for a watermelon slice design.

With clear instructions and handy tips, this tutorial is a refreshing way to add a splash of summer to your dining experience. So grab your needle, thread, and citrus-coloured fabrics, and sew yourself a summery set of placemats!