Coffin Wallet Sewing Tutorial

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If you like a bit of gothic flare or want to take your Halloween game up a notch then this Coffin Wallet Sewing Tutorial by Stitching Witchcrafts is the next project for you. This guide teaches you how to sew a quirky and functional wallet in the shape of a coffin. Perfect if you like your everyday essentials with a dash of the dark and dramatic.

The tutorial smartly lists out all the materials you’ll need, ensuring you’re prepped. Each step is then supported by clear pictures and well-written instructions that bring your coffin wallet to life, stitch by stitch. From the purse’s skeleton to the zipper closure, this guide covers it all.

Adding a delightful twist to the project are the “decorative stitches,” lending an air of fanciful embroidery that goes hand in hand with the wallet’s theatrical vibe. But don’t worry, this tutorial will teach you how to do those stitches too.

This wallet has ample space for storing cards and coins, making it an unexpectedly practical addition to your accessories.