Create Your Own Quilted Tissue Holder

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The Quilted DIY Tissue Holder is a delightful project perfect for anyone looking to add a personal touch to their home accessories.  Whether you’re looking to organise your tissues in a more elegant way or simply use up your fabric scraps, this tutorial guides you through creating a quilted tissue holder that’s both practical and stylish.

The process involves measuring and cutting the fabric, preparing quilted panels, and assembling the holder with a combination of quilting and sewing techniques, but don’t worry. The instructions are in depth and ready to offer you plenty of tips and help.

The project can be adapted to fit any size of tissue box, allowing for a perfect custom fit. Furthermore, the tutorial includes tips for both simpler and more advanced versions, which should help you if you want an easier or quicker version or if you want to take your time to make something a bit fancier.

This tutorial is a must-try for anyone interested in sewing and quilting. It not only offers a practical solution to keep tissues organised but also provides a way to showcase your sewing skills. So, grab your materials, find your favourite fabric, and let your creativity take the lead!

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