Everything There Is To Know About Thimbles


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Thimbles have been a staple in sewing kits for generations. But did you know that not all thimbles are created equal? This in-depth guide on thimbles from Purl Soho is a treasure trove of information for anyone who’s ever been puzzled by these nifty little finger protectors.

The tutorial starts off by debunking some common myths about thimbles, like the misconception that they’re worn on the thumb. It then delves into the different types of thimbles available and their specific uses. For instance, traditional thimbles, often made of goat leather or metal, are not just for protecting your finger from the sharp end of the needle. They’re actually designed to protect your finger from the eye-end of the needle, especially during hand quilting or hand piecing.

The guide also introduces the ‘Under Thimble,’ a godsend for hand quilters. This little marvel sticks to your finger and makes it “invincible,” allowing you to quilt without the fear of pricking your underfinger. Then there’s the ‘Thimble Pad,’ a versatile tool that’s particularly useful for embroidery. It helps you grip the thread better and prevents irritation from repetitive movements.

For those interested in the Japanese Sashiko technique, the tutorial explains how a special Sashiko thimble can protect the top of your palm as you push the needle through gathered stitches.

Whether you’re a hand quilter, an embroiderer, or someone who just enjoys a bit of hand sewing, this guide will help you choose the right thimble for your needs. So, if you’ve ever found your fingers irritated, poked, or pricked during your sewing adventures, this tutorial is your go-to guide for all things thimble!