Flying Geese Block

Flying Geese Block

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The Flying Geese Block is a cornerstone in the quilting world and a versatile building block for other quilt designs. This tutorial from Purl Soho is a delightful guide that takes you through the process of creating this rectangular quilt block. The tutorial is designed for two fabrics, charmingly named Fabric A and Fabric B. The block you’ll end up with is 4 1/2-inches on its own, which means it will be a snug 4-inches when finished within a quilt.

The tutorial starts by guiding you to cut one 4 1/2-inch by 2 1/2-inch rectangle from Fabric A and two 2 1/2-inch squares from Fabric B. You’ll then mark a diagonal line across the wrong side of both squares, which will serve as your sewing guide. The tutorial is peppered with step-by-step images, making it easy to follow along.

The first half of the tutorial focuses on sewing one side of the block. Then the second half of the tutorial is a mirror image of the first. By the end, you’ll have a complete Flying Geese block and you’ll learn how to fix your seams to give your block a neat finish.