Free Pincushion Hedgehog Sewing Pattern

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Get your pins out or cuddle up with this adorable DIY Fabric Hedgehog! This free sewing pattern and tutorial from will guide you through creating the cutest little fabric hedgehog that can either be used as a toy or an adorable pincushion. Whether you’re looking to sew up a unique handmade gift, a playful new toy for your little one, or an adorable addition to your own home decor, this project is sure to charm.

This delightful fabric hedgehog sewing tutorial walks you through all the steps to craft your very own plush hedgehog friend. With clear, detailed instructions and a downloadable paper pattern, even beginner sewers will be able to stitch up this sweet little guy with ease. The finished hedgehog measures approximately 18cm in body length and 11cm in height, making it the perfect size to display on a shelf, use as a pincushion, or cuddle up with.

The tutorial covers everything from sewing the ears and sculpting the distinctive hedgehog back, to adding the sweet little facial features. You’ll learn handy techniques like securing the ears, creating the hemispherical back, and neatly attaching the head. Plus, the step-by-step photos and diagrams make it easy to follow along and achieve professional-looking results.

Whether you choose to use scraps from your fabric stash or pick up some new materials, this hedgehog sewing pattern is a great way to get creative. The finished project makes a wonderful gift for kids and adults alike, and is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. So why not gather your supplies, download the free pattern, and get stitching? With this delightful tutorial, you’ll be cuddling up with your new fabric hedgehog in no time!