Gingerbread house sewing pattern

Gingerbread house sewing pattern

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The festive season is a time when gingerbread houses grace our tables, only to be devoured in a matter of days. But what if you could create a gingerbread house that lasts not just one Christmas, but many? Enter the Gingerbread House Sewing Pattern by Jo Carter, an experienced soft toy designer. This tutorial is a delightful twist on the classic holiday decoration, offering a reusable, fabric-based version that’s just as charming as its edible counterpart.

The tutorial is versatile, allowing you to use the gingerbread house as a festive table centrepiece, a secret treat holder, or even a playful toy for children. It’s a project that first appeared in Simply Sewing Magazine, a publication known for its practical and beautiful sewing projects. The finished size of the house is approximately 16cm(W) x 20cm(L) x 18cm(H), making it a perfect addition to any holiday décor.

The guide is incredibly detailed, providing step-by-step instructions, templates, and a list of materials you’ll need. It covers everything from cutting out the fabric pieces to sewing the walls, attaching the lining, and even adding the roof. The tutorial also includes tips on how to make your own piping cord, and how to add appliqué patches for windows and doors. It’s a comprehensive guide that even includes how to make a tiny fabric gingerbread man and candy canes to complete the festive look!

The project is not just about sewing; it’s about creating a holiday keepsake. You can even add your own embellishments like beads and buttons to make it truly unique. So, if you’re looking for a project that combines the joys of sewing with the spirit of the holiday season, this gingerbread house sewing pattern is the perfect project to tackle. It’s a festive gift that keeps on giving, year after year.