Girls Basic Leggings – Free Size 6 Pattern!

Girls Basic Leggings

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Leggings are the unsung heroes of many a wardrobe, especially for little girls who love to twirl in dresses even when the weather turns chilly. This Girls Basic Leggings tutorial is a delightful guide to creating your own pairs of leggings, perfect for layering under dresses or wearing as is. The tutorial comes with a free pattern, available for download in size 6, making it a fantastic resource for those looking to sew something both functional and fabulous.

The tutorial is incredibly versatile, offering room for creativity. The author herself has made leggings from a variety of fabrics, including a poly-spandex blend with a silvery lace print, a zebra print jeggings fabric, and even a sweater fabric with high lycra content. The guide is sprinkled with personal anecdotes and tips, making it feel like you’re sewing alongside a friend.

While the tutorial doesn’t include step-by-step photos, it does feature sketches that outline the process. From cutting the fabric to sewing the inseams and hems, each step is explained in a straightforward manner. The tutorial even includes an option for a yoga waistband, although this isn’t covered in the main guide.

So, if you’re keen to expand your little one’s wardrobe or simply want to try your hand at sewing leggings, this tutorial is a must-visit.