Hexagon Fabric Coaster With Reverse Applique

Hexagon Fabric Coaster With Reverse Applique

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Welcome to a world of geometric creativity with this Hexagon Fabric Coaster with Reverse Applique Tutorial. This sewing guide takes you on a delightful journey to create a hexagon fabric coaster using an easy reverse applique method, with no folding or binding required.

The tutorial begins with an introduction to the reverse applique design, similar to a flower-shaped coaster, and the final coaster’s size, approximately 6″ x 5″, perfect for a mug. The supply list is comprehensive, including layer-cake size fabric, hexagon templates, quilt batting, and other sewing essentials.

The step-by-step guide is easy to follow, with a video tutorial also available for visual learners. You’ll start by making your hexagon templates, with helpful tips provided to ensure the correct angles. The tutorial then guides you through the process of cutting, folding, marking, and sewing the fabric.

The reverse applique technique is explained in detail, with clear instructions on how to clip the hexagon shape inside the stitched line and turn the fabric right side out. The tutorial also provides guidance on how to pin all the materials together, trace the hexagon templates, and sew along the traced line.

The final step involves trimming the fabric, clipping each corner to reduce bulk, turning the hexagon coaster right side out, and pressing it with an ironing machine. The top stitch along the hem around the center hexagon adds a professional touch.

What’s unique about this hexagon coaster is its reversible design. Even though the reverse applique is not on both sides, the coaster can be used on both sides, adding versatility to your creation.

The tutorial also offers the option to make a larger coaster or turn it into a hexagon mug rug by using larger fabrics and the same technique. A printable PDF format of the tutorial is available for purchase, providing a convenient option for those who prefer a physical copy.

This hexagon fabric coaster tutorial is more than just a sewing guide; it’s an invitation to explore creativity, geometry, and design.