How To Get Perfect Placement On Your Embroidery Machine

Perfect Placement

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Embroidery placement— the art of sewing exactly where you want to sew… sounds simple, but it’s often the trickiest part of the whole process, isn’t it? Well, fret no more! This Perfect Embroidery Placement tutorial is your go-to guide for ensuring your designs land exactly where you want them. The tutorial starts by showing you how to print a full-size template of your design from your embroidery software. This template will be your best friend, complete with horizontal and vertical axes and the design’s center point.

The tutorial uses a floral spray design on a t-shirt as an example. It walks you through marking the general areas with masking tape, which will later be your guide for drawing the exact lines. You’ll learn how to find the garment’s horizontal center, mark it, and draw the vertical axis. Once that’s sorted, you’ll align your template’s vertical axis with the tape’s and extend the horizontal markings.

But wait, there’s more! The tutorial also covers how to stabilize your fabric, in this case, a cotton knit t-shirt, using cutaway backing and spray adhesive. It even gives you a nifty tip about spraying adhesive into a box to avoid making a mess. Once you’re all set, you’ll slide the hoop inside the shirt, align the marking lines, and you’re ready to embroider.

The tutorial doesn’t stop at t-shirts; it also shows you how to embroider coordinating designs onto a cardigan. It’s a comprehensive guide that even includes how to embroider a small design on a sleeve.