How To Resize A Sewing Pattern And Make It Larger Or Smaller

How to resize a sewing pattern and make it larger or smaller

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It’s so frustrating when you find the perfect sewing pattern, only to realise it’s not in your size. Fret not, Melly Sews has got you covered with a comprehensive guide on how to make a sewing pattern bigger or smaller. This tutorial, affectionately known as pattern grading, is a treasure trove of tips and techniques that demystify the art of resizing patterns.

The tutorial starts by explaining what pattern grading is—essentially, it’s the process of taking a sewing pattern of one size and making it bigger or smaller. The guide walks you through the ‘slash and spread’ grading method, which involves cutting a pattern apart and moving the pieces slightly away from each other to enlarge it. Conversely, overlapping these pieces will make the pattern smaller.

But it’s not as simple as it sounds. The tutorial delves into the nuances of human anatomy, explaining that we don’t grow at the same rates across our bodies. For instance, adults grow wider but not necessarily taller, while children grow in both dimensions. This means you can’t just use a copy machine set at 110% to resize a pattern. You’ll need to rely on precise measurements and specific techniques, all of which are elaborated in the tutorial.

Supplies needed for this venture are also listed, including pattern paper, a French curve ruler, and a clear ruler. The tutorial even offers a video for visual learners, making it a well-rounded resource for anyone looking to master pattern grading.