How to Sew a Watermelon Zipper Pouch

How to Sew a Watermelon Zipper Pouch

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What better way to celebrate summer than by sewing a watermelon zipper pouch? This tutorial is a delightful journey into the world of felt fabric, zippers, and a sprinkle of creativity. Designed with beginners and kids in mind, this project is a quick and easy way to dive into the world of sewing.

The tutorial starts by guiding you through the list of supplies you’ll need, which includes felt fabric in shades of green, light pink, hot pink, and black. You’ll also need a needle, thread, scissors, and a 10-inch zipper. The tutorial provides a step-by-step guide, complete with images, to ensure you’re on the right track. From tracing patterns to cutting out the shapes, every detail is covered.

The sewing process begins with attaching the large semi-circle pieces of felt to the zipper. A running or flat blanket stitch is recommended for this part. Once the zipper is in place, you’ll move on to the fun part—adding the seeds! Small black felt pieces are cross-stitched onto the light pink semi-circle, giving your watermelon pouch its iconic look.

The tutorial then guides you through assembling the pouch, layering the different coloured semi-circles and stitching them together. Finally, you’ll fold the main body part in half and use a flat blanket stitch to close the sides. A small loop of felt is added to the zipper, serving as a cute and functional pull tab.

So, if you’re looking for a project that’s as refreshing as a slice of watermelon on a hot summer day, this watermelon zipper pouch is the one for you. It’s not just a pouch; it’s a slice of summer you can carry around!