How To Spot Bad Quality Cotton When Fabric Shopping Online

How to avoid bad quality cottons when shopping online - step by step tutorial and video

If you’ve ever experienced the letdown of unboxing cotton fabric you bought online, only to find it’s not what you expected, then this is the tutorial for you. Perhaps you thought you were buying a beautiful fabric, only to receive one with off-putting odours, rough textures, bad printing or even fabric that wreaks havoc on your laundry. Now you can say goodbye to those fabric shopping pitfalls!

From someone who’s made plenty of shopping mistakes and wants to save you from misery and money loss, this step-by-step guide will help teach you everything they’ve learnt over the years to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

What This Tutorial Offers 📌

Whether you watch the video or read the photo guide, you will learn how to tell the quality of cotton before hitting the buy button.

Uncover the marketing tricks that lure you into buying subpar cotton, so you’re not easily deceived.

Learn how to find out more information on the fabrics you’re interested in buying.

Learn how to become your own fabric detective by knowing where to look when you are checking product images for telltale signs of inferior quality.

Why risk your valuable time and money on a fabric gamble? This tutorial aims to boost your online shopping confidence, helping you get the fabric you want from the comfort of your home!