Make Your Own Trail Wallet

Make Your Own Trail Wallet

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Adventure awaits, and what better way to prepare than with a handy, self-made trail wallet? The Make Your Own Trail Wallet tutorial is a delightful guide that teaches you how to sew a trail wallet, perfect for carrying keys, small tools, cash, snacks, or even an emergency piece of dark chocolate.

This tutorial is designed for those new to sewing, offering a simple and practical project that’s sure to get a lot of mileage both on and off the trail. It begins with an introduction to the many uses of the trail wallet, followed by a comprehensive list of materials needed, including fabric, zipper, webbing, paracord, and grosgrain edging.

The step-by-step instructions guide you through cutting the fabric, sewing the outer fabrics together, attaching the inner and outer fabrics to the zipper, and adding the webbing and paracord. The tutorial offers helpful tips for each step, including how to lock the stitch, line up the zipper, and prevent fraying.

One of the unique features of this trail wallet is the addition of webbing and paracord, allowing you to clip it to a carabiner, keyring, or wall hook. The tutorial provides clear instructions for inserting the webbing and paracord into the seams, ensuring a professional finish.

The final steps include finishing the edges, turning the wallet right side in, and adding a piece of cording to the zipper. The tutorial emphasizes the option to add grosgrain edging to the side seams, giving your trail wallet a pro look.

Whether you’re an avid backpacker, a lover of short adventures, or someone looking to embark on a beginner-friendly sewing project, this trail wallet tutorial is sure to inspire you. So grab your fabric, scissors, and sewing machine, and let’s create a trail wallet that’s perfect for your next adventure!