Reversible Vintage Trim Fabric Belt Tutorial

Reversible Vintage Trim Fabric Belt Tutorial

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If you’ve been hoarding vintage or new trims, waiting for that perfect project, then this Reversible Vintage Trim Fabric Belt Tutorial is your call to action. Hosted by The Cottage Mama, this tutorial is a guest post by Veronica from SewVery. She guides you through the process of creating a reversible belt that’s as stylish as it is functional.

The tutorial is a delightful blend of simplicity and creativity, making it accessible for sewists of all levels. You’ll need just about an hour and a handful of supplies, including approximately 1/8 yard of fabric, your choice of trim, and a metal or plastic belt buckle with no prong. The tutorial is detailed enough to ensure you don’t miss a stitch but leaves room for your own flair and imagination.

Veronica’s instructions are clear and well-illustrated, covering everything from measuring the belt loop opening height to securing the trim and buckle. She even offers a nifty trick for those who want to make their own buckle using a plastic ring. The end result? A reversible belt that can jazz up any outfit, be it for adults or children.

So, if you’re looking to empty that drawer full of trims or simply want to add a dash of vintage charm to your wardrobe, this tutorial is a must-try.