Sew Your Own: Mary Quant-Style Minidress

Mary Quant-style minidress

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Embrace the swinging ’60s with the Mary Quant-style Minidress sewing tutorial! Inspired by the iconic designs of Mary Quant, a leading figure in the fashion revolution of the 1960s, this tutorial offers a free, downloadable sewing pattern to create a classic A-line mini that defines a generation.

The tutorial is designed to be accessible and fun, offering two neckline options, two pocket options, three collar finishes, and two sleeve finishes. Whether you want to show a bit more thigh or lengthen it into a ’70s-style maxi-dress, the pattern provides the flexibility to make it your own.

Available in two size ranges (UK 6 – 14 and 16 – 22), the pattern can be printed at home or at a local copy shop. The tutorial includes a three-part video guide that takes you through each stage of making the dress, ensuring that even if you don’t know your ‘facing’ from your ‘interfacing,’ you’ll be able to create a stunning mini dress.

Mary Quant’s innovative approach shook up British fashion with eye-popping designs like hot pants, playsuits, and era-defining mini-skirts and dresses. This tutorial captures that spirit, allowing you to create your own version of her famous designs.

The pattern is a classic A-line mini that sits just above the knee, capturing the essence of the ’60s. With its multiple options for customization, you’ll want to try it out in lots of different fabrics and combinations.

Whether you’re a fan of vintage fashion or looking to try your hand at sewing, this Mary Quant-style Minidress tutorial offers a delightful journey into the past. So grab your fabric, scissors, and sewing machine, and let’s take a trip back to the ’60s together!