Shark Bag With Free Pattern

Shark bag with free pattern

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Dive into the ocean of creativity with this jaw-dropping Shark Bag tutorial by Crystal. Originally designed as a trick-or-treat bag to complement a pirate costume, this project has swum its way into the hearts of many. It’s not just for Halloween; this fin-tastic bag is versatile enough to make a splash all year round!

You’ll need a half-yard of grey fleece to create the shark’s body, a quarter-yard of fabric for the lining, and a sheet of felt for those menacing teeth. Iron-on interfacing adds structure, and a pair of black buttons bring the shark’s eyes to life. The tutorial provides a free pattern, so you’re not swimming in the dark.

First, you’ll cut out your fabric pieces and iron the interfacing to the back of your shark components. The fins are sewn right sides together and turned out, ready to be attached to the shark’s body. The teeth are a fun addition, cut from a strip of felt and sewn to the shark’s mouth. A strip of fleece serves as the handle, and the lining is sewn in last, making the bag as functional as it is fun.

The tutorial is peppered with tips and tricks, ensuring your sewing journey is smooth sailing. Crystal even suggests using hot glue for the eyes, a quick and easy alternative to sewing. So, whether you’re a seasoned seamstress or a beginner looking to make waves, this Shark Bag tutorial is a treasure trove of sewing adventure.