Summer Fruit Felt Coasters

Summer is all about vibrant colours, refreshing drinks, and enjoying the outdoors. But those icy beverages can leave rings on your furniture. That’s where these adorable Summer Fruit Felt Coasters come into play! This delightful tutorial guides you through creating coasters that look like summer fruits, including lemons, limes, watermelons, and dragon fruits.

The tutorial starts with a friendly introduction, emphasizing the need for absorbent coasters during the hot summer months. It then dives into the materials needed, recommending mid-range priced felt for durability and quality.

The step-by-step guide is detailed and engaging, teaching you how to make four different fruit-themed coasters. For the lemon and lime, you’ll learn to trace circles onto felt, cut them out, and sew them together using a simple running stitch. The tutorial even shows you how to create sections of the lime and lemon, giving them a realistic appearance.

The watermelon coaster is equally fun, with instructions on cutting out seed shapes and arranging them on red felt. You’ll sew the seeds down and then attach the red circle to the green felt, creating a juicy watermelon slice.

The dragonfruit coaster introduces a special embroidery stitch called a French knot. This stitch creates little seeds, and the tutorial guides you through the process, ensuring you get it just right. You’ll then sew the white circle onto pink felt, completing the dragonfruit design.

What makes this tutorial special is the attention to detail and the neatly finished backs of the coasters. The tutorial emphasizes the importance of neatness in homemade projects, and the finished coasters look professional and charming.

The tutorial is filled with helpful tips, clear instructions, and a friendly tone that makes it accessible to sewers of all levels. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of summer to your home or create a unique gift for a friend, these Summer Fruit Felt Coasters are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

So grab your felt, embroidery thread, scissors, and a big cup for tracing, and let’s create some summer fun together!