Reversible Chevron Rug: a tutorial

Reversible Chevron Rug

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The quest for the perfect rug is a journey that often ends with a hefty price tag. But what if you could craft your own bespoke rug that not only saves your pennies but also adds a dash of your personal style to your living space? This tutorial from Sweet Verbena is a delightful guide on how to sew a reversible chevron rug that’s both stylish and budget-friendly.

The tutorial begins with a relatable dilemma: the high cost of good-quality rugs. The author, Katy, found her solution in upholstery fabric. She chose a black and tan chevron pattern that’s not just eye-catching but also thick enough to serve as a rug. The tutorial is straightforward, making it accessible for sewing enthusiasts of all levels. You’ll need just a yard each of printed upholstery fabric and duck cloth, along with a spool of upholstery thread.

The process starts with cutting the fabrics to the same dimensions and serging the edges to prevent fraying. Katy then guides you through sewing the fabrics together, leaving a gap for turning the rug right-side out. A hot iron and a pointed object help in shaping the rug, and a quick top stitch seals the deal. The end result? A reversible rug that you can flip according to your mood or the season, all on a budget!

The tutorial also offers practical tips, such as using a rug pad to prevent sliding and the types of floors best suited for this DIY rug. It’s a project that promises not just a rug but also the joy of creating something that’s uniquely yours.